OUR TAKE: Get ready for “he’s only 18”

OUR TAKE: See. (Also: This is a really good video.)

OUR TAKE: There’s a lot going on here from how he’s holding the fish to the Packers hand warmer to the name tag. Especially the name tag.

OUR TAKE: Maybe something good will come out of COVID-19 after all.

OUR TAKE: Have a feeling someone lost a bet to Wesley Matthews.

OUR TAKE: “Bringer of Rain” seems like someone you should definitely not golf with.

OUR TAKE: It’s January but I can smell the cookouts at American Family Field as if it’s summer.

OUR TAKE: Poor Jordan.

OUR TAKE: #FreeYeli

OUR TAKE: Something about having kids automatically puts even Giannis into the dad jokes realm.