These Frequently Asked Questions are intended to provide a general overview of your Bally Sports+ subscription; however, they do not contain a complete description of all applicable terms and do not form part of our agreement with our subscribers. They are provided for informational purposes only. Please consult the Bally Sports+ Subscriber Agreement for the legally binding provisions governing your subscription.

Q: What is Bally Sports+

Bally Sports+ is the all-new streaming service from Bally Sports that gives fans access to their favorite hometown teams. The subscription-based product is currently available as a beta version in five introductory launch markets, including Detroit, Kansas City, Miami, Milwaukee and Tampa Bay.

Q: What programming can I watch?

When fans subscribe to their local Bally Sports regional network on Bally Sports+, this gives fans in select launch markets access to their live and original programming, all season long.

Q: How is it different from Bally Sports through my TV provider?

Bally Sports+ provides fans in select markets with another way to watch their favorite regional sports. Fans can purchase a month-to-month or annual subscription directly from A subscription gives fans access to their local games that air on the local Bally Sports regional network, all season long. If you already get Bally Sports in your TV lineup, nothing changes. You’ll continue to get your teams as you always have on TV and via the Bally Sports app.

Q: Where can I purchase Bally Sports+

Bally Sports+ is available for purchase on and within the Bally Sports app via mobile and tablet (iOS, Android), tvOS and Android TV to users in select markets at launch. The full launch will be available to fans in all Bally Sports markets starting in the fall of 2022 with NBA and NHL content.

Q: I'm not seeing Bally Sports+, where can I sign-up?

If you do not see Bally Sports+ available on or within the Bally Sports app, it is not yet available in your market. Please check back soon as the full launch is coming this fall!

Q: Is Bally Sports+ available in my region?

Click here to see if Bally Sports+ is available in your market.

Q: Where is the Bally Sports+ app?

Bally Sports+ is not a standalone app, rather an existing product offering within the Bally Sports app and on

Q: What platforms can I stream Bally Sports+ on?, mobile and tablet (iOS, Android), tvOS, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV. Bally Sports+ will be coming soon to additional platforms.

Q: Can I purchase another Bally Sports regional sports network even if I don't live in that market?

No, the Bally Sports+ product is another way to watch your local teams, so the same league territory restrictions apply to out-of-market games.

Q: Will my NHL and NBA team be part of this offering?

The full launch is slated for Fall 2022 and will include all Bally Sports NBA and NHL team partners.

Q: Why can't I find my baseball team on the app?

We are in active discussions with MLB and our team partners.

Q: Are there extra features available? How do I find those?

We will be adding exciting new content, features, viewing preferences and more in the near future.