Sports Roundtable Part 1

As we remember the legendary Vin Scully, Bally Sports restored one of the most iconic sports roundtables ever assembled from the year 2000. Twenty-two years ago, Bill Macdonald welcomed viewers to the Sports Roundtable with three men beloved by the city of Los Angeles. Alongside Scully were Hall of Fame broadcasters Bob Miller of the Los Angeles Kings and Chick Hearn of the Lakers.


Sports Roundtable Part 2

Despite what many people think, this was actually one of the first times where the three legends had the chance to sit down and talk. “I think one of the misconceptions in either sports or entertainment is that everyone knows everyone,” said Macdonald.

In fact, one of the main reasons for this show happening falls on the shoulders of Jim Pells. At the time, Pells was the statistician for Scully, Hearn, and Miller. He was responsible for getting all three the latest up-to-date and in-depth stats for players and teams. Needless to say, he had the trust of the three Hall of Famers and his word could have possibly swayed the trio into making the roundtable.


Sports Roundtable Part 3

Even though the three did not see each other often, as they had their own teams and seasons that often overlapped, there was clearly a sense of great respect each man had for one another. Although the respect was clear, the three still managed to be lighthearted. At one point during the roundtable Scully and Hearn were showing off their championship rings, but, at the time, Miller’s Kings had yet to capture a Stanley Cup. So when it came to him, he simply held up his wedding ring and Vin said, “You got the best one!”

During this segment, Miller was the up and comer of the group despite being the voice of the Kings since 1973. Being from Chicago, Miller did not have as many opportunities to listen to Scully, so when he signed his contract and went to Los Angeles he immediately saw the impact Scully had on the city.

“When I first came to Los Angeles in 1973 to sign my contract with the Los Angeles Kings, I would walk around downtown and everyone would have a radio on in their car, or a transistor radio and I would hear Vin doing the Dodgers. I grew up in Chicago, so I didn’t hear Vin a lot in those early days of my youth, but I certainly realized what an impact he had in doing the Dodger game. He was so good,” said Miller.


Sports Roundtable Part 4

It is clear the amount of admiration that not just Miller had for Scully, but the entire community had for him as well. This was especially prevalent inside the studio as many of the people working for the network at the time grew up in the community.

After speaking with people who worked behind the scenes of the roundtable, there was a common theme: excitement.

“The excitement levels were at an all-time high,” said Greg Taylor, coordinating producer for the Sports Roundtable. “So many people grew up in the area and had long-time connections with the announcers.”


Sports Roundtable Part 5

For many people, Scully, Miller and Hearn transcended sports. They were able to call games in ways that elevated the craft. Hearn is responsible for many of the modern-day terms that seem so synonymous with basketball. Scully was a wordsmith that could seamlessly tell a story and bring a sense of calmness to his listeners while calling a game. Miller brought excitement and charisma to the Kings broadcast and was largely responsible for helping grow the game of hockey in California. All three of these announcers were able to do this while remaining class acts.

This could be seen after the camera stopped rolling. “People were running from their offices to get pictures. They were very gracious about it. I think they realized how special it was to be there,” said Mark Shah, executive producer for Sports Roundtable.

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Sports Roundtable Part 6

For the people of Southern California, there was something truly transcendent about this episode of the Sports Roundtable. Even with the show's history of famous guests from inside and outside of the sporting world, no episode captured the attention or generated as much excitement as this one. These three men revolutionized their industry all while making their listeners feel as if they were a part of that journey. Los Angeles was blessed to have these Hall of Famers on call each night and they will continue to have a spot in our hearts from all of their amazing work. This broadcast acts as a reminder of their legendary status not only in the city but in the entire landscape of the sporting world.


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