NHL draft prospect Connor Bedard skates across the ice during a youth hockey clinic with other draft prospects and members of the NHL Player Inclusion Coalition, Tuesday, June 27, 2023, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/George Walker IV)

One last check on last-minute forecasts of the first round didn't alter the top four selections of the final NHL Mock Draft Consensus, despite a late push for Swedish center Leo Carlsson to leapfrog Michigan center Adam Fantilli at the No. 2 overall spot.

There's been considerable movement after the top four.

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Defenseman David Reinbacher, center Dalibor Dvorsky and right wing Matthew Wood all moved up to solidify projections in the top 10. And while left wing Samuel Honzek is now the most popular first-round projection for three teams, defenseman Axel Sandin Pellikka isn't even listed among the consensus picks due to a wide range of opinions (as high as sixth to the Arizona Coyotes and no lower than 18th to the Winnipeg Jets).

Anyway, this exercise is just to provide additional insight on what the mock drafting community thinks after Connor Bedard is drafted No. 1 overall by the Chicago Blackhawks. Bally Sports' Pete Blackburn and Frank Seravalli are in Nashville to make sense of all the roster-building moves this week. Be sure to check out their excellent coverage of the 2023 NHL Draft.

Pete Blackburn's NHL Draft prospect profiles

NHL Mock Draft Consensus — Most popular first-round projections
Pick, Team Player Pos Last team
1. Blackhawks Connor Bedard C Regina
2. Ducks Adam Fantilli C Michigan
3. Blue Jackets Leo Carlsson C Orebro
4. Sharks Will Smith C USA U-18
5. Canadiens David Reinbacher D Kloten
6. Coyotes Dalibor Dvorsky C AIK
7. Flyers Ryan Leonard RW USA U-18
8. Capitals Matvei Michkov RW SKA St. Petersburg
9. Red Wings Matthew Wood RW Connecticut
10. Blues Oliver Moore C USA U-18
11. Canucks Tom Willander D Ogle Jr.
12. Coyotes Zach Benson LW Winnipeg
Colby Barlow LW Owen Sound
13. Sabres Gabriel Perreault RW USA U-18
14. Penguins Nate Danielson C Brandon
Matthew Wood RW Connecticut
15. Predators Samuel Honzek LW Vancouver
Gabriel Perreault RW USA U-18
16. Flames Samuel Honzek LW Vancouver
17. Red Wings Samuel Honzek LW Vancouver
Eduard Sale LW Brno
18. Jets Brayden Yager C Moose Jaw
19. Blackhawks Brayden Yager C Moose Jaw
20. Kraken Oliver Bonk D London
Quentin Musty LW Sudbury
21. Wild Calum Ritchie C Oshawa
22. Flyers Oliver Bonk D London
23. Rangers Calum Ritchie C Oshawa
Charlie Stramel C Wisconsin
24. Predators Otto Stenberg C Frolunda Jr.
25. Blues Mikhail Gulyayev D Omsk Jr.
26. Sharks Lukas Dragicevic D Tri-City
Quentin Musty LW Sudbury
27. Avalanche Bradly Nadeau LW Penticton
28. Maple Leafs Lukas Dragicevic D Tri-City
29. Blues (No consensus)
30. Hurricanes Gavin Brindley C Michigan
31. Avalanche Ethan Gauthier RW Sherbrooke
32. Golden Knights (No consensus)

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