May 8, 2022; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Max Scherzer (21) throws a pitch against the Philadelphia Phillies during the first inning at Citizens Bank Park. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a good time to be a New York baseball fan with the Mets and the Yankees looking to make it a fun summer in the five boroughs. Both clubs are at the top of their respective divisions and don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. Could they be on a collision course for an all-New York World Series like in 2000? Maybe it’s too soon to say, but it’s not too early to say they’ve gotten baseball’s attention.

The teams pursued different offseason plans in building their rosters.

Mets owner Steve Cohen did what any billionaire who wants to win would do — throw the wallet on the table and let the money do the talking. The Mets landed starters Max Scherzer and Chris Bassitt, outfielders Starling Marte and Mark Canha and infielder Eduardo Escobar. One of those moves clearly worked to perfection: Scherzer, who is 4-1 with a 2.92 ERA, has stepped right into the staff ace role with Jacob deGrom on the injured list. The rest of the starting rotation has also stepped up in deGrom’s absence in helping the Mets (20-10) build a three-game lead in the National League East.

The Yankees took a more conservative approach in the offseason. They didn’t spend big, leaving many in the industry surprised. Already with a star-studded roster, the Bronx Bombers’ plan has worked out nicely so far. One thing that’s helped carry them is their offense. The Yankees lead the majors with 37 home runs and a .412 team slugging percentage. With Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo each blasting nine homers (tied with two others for the MLB lead), it’s no wonder why the Yanks (19-8) are on a roll and atop the American League East.

While the teams’ fast starts energize the rivalry in New York, the early success of the Mets and Yankees also adds some much-needed spice around baseball. If both clubs continue their upward trajectory, they will be buyers come trade season. Having both New York teams competing to improve at the Aug. 2 deadline should add some intrigue to an already exciting time of the year.

Neither team is likely to run away with their respective division, as each club has plenty of competition, but the Mets and Yankees have put themselves on the path toward achieving their championship goals. Our MLB Power Rankings panel agrees, voting to keep them in the top three this week.

MLB Power Rankings

Records and statistics through May 8

The Top 10
Team Last rank OPS ERA
1. Dodgers (19-7) 2nd .712 (7th) 2.07 (1st)
2. Yankees (19-8) 3rd .731 (2nd) 2.59 (2nd)
3. Mets (20-10) 1st .721 (5th) 3.24 (5th)
4. Brewers (19-10) 7th .710 (9th) 3.25 (6th)
5. Angels (19-11) 5th .727 (3rd) 3.55 (13th)
6. Padres (19-10) 8th .678 (19th) 3.54 (12th)
7. Rays (18-11) T-13th .711 (8th) 3.25 (7th)
8. Twins (18-11) 9th .707 (10th) 3.11 (4th)
9. Astros (18-11) 16th .680 (18th) 2.95 (3rd)
10. Blue Jays (15-8) 4th .692 (T-13th) 3.83 (20th)
The Middle 10
Team Last rank OPS ERA
11. Giants (16-12) 6th .692 (T-13th) 3.57 (14th)
12. Cardinals (16-12) 10th .681 (17th) 3.45 (11th)
13. Rockies (13-9) 12th .734 (1st) 4.39 (26th)
14. White Sox (14-13) 26th .632 (T-23rd) 3.34 (10th)
15. Guardians (10-12) 19th .723 (4th) 3.99 (22nd)
16. Diamondbacks (15-14) 17th .632 (T-23rd) 3.33 (9th)
17. Braves (14-16) 18th .695 (T-11th) 3.97 (21st)
18. Marlins (13-15) 11th .685 (T-15th) 3.32 (8th)
19. Mariners (13-16) T-13th .695 (T-11th) 3.65 (16th)
20. Phillies (12-16) 15th .718 (6th) 4.06 (23rd)
The Bottom 10
Team Last rank OPS ERA
21. Rangers (11-15) 22nd .628 (25th) 4.07 (24th)
22. Orioles (11-17) 25th .653 (T-21st) 3.68 (17th)
23. Pirates (11-16) 24th .653 (T-21st) 4.83 (28th)
24. Athletics (10-18) 20th .578 (30th) 3.81 (19th)
25. Red Sox (10-19) 23rd .621 (26th) 3.71 (18th)
26. Cubs (9-18) 21st .674 (20th) 4.35 (25th)
27. Royals (9-16) 28th .600 (28th) 4.42 (27th)
28. Nationals (10-20) 29th .685 (T-15th) 4.92 (29th)
29. Tigers (8-19) 27th .596 (29th) 3.63 (15th)
30. Reds (5-23) 30th .603 (27th) 6.57 (30th)

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