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Los Angeles Dodgers' Will Smith (16) scores off of a single hit by Matt Beaty during the sixth inning of a baseball game against the Cincinnati Reds Tuesday, April 27, 2021, in Los Angeles. Cincinnati Reds catcher Tucker Barnhart (16) is at right. Chris Taylor also scored on the play. (AP Photo/Ashley Landis)

There’s an old adage in baseball: “The ball will find you.” It usually refers to a player who is new or struggling on defense and half-hoping to avoid actually having to field their position. Such a player is surely going to have the ball hit to them.

There’s another baseball idiom: “The ball had eyes.” It usually refers to a ground ball that finds its way through multiple players on defense for a hit.

A line-drive double by the Dodgers’ Chris Taylor in the sixth inning Tuesday night married these sayings. This thing had eyes and it found every extraneous person in left field at Dodger Stadium.

Taylor ended up with a double — that’s how it will look in the box score. But (speaking of more baseball idioms) as Hawk Harrelson used to say about ugly-looking hits: “They don’t put pictures on scorecards.”

If they did, it would look like this:

You have a Dodger Stadium security guard using ninja moves to dive over the fence and off the field while bringing their folding chair with them so the ball doesn’t bounce off the person or the chair. The integrity of Taylor’s hit remains intact! So far. Because that’s just the beginning.

Note in this screenshot, the ball attendant picking up their bucket and getting out of the way by running away from the ball. This is going to be key in a moment. Also note the security guard’s leg and, a few feet behind it, an orange stool that has been dislodged. Even inanimate objects in the stands panicked on this play. This is what all hell breaking loose looks like, folks. (Side note: Why do the Dodgers make the ball attendant sit on a bucket when the security guard gets to sit in a chair?)

Anyway, the play wasn’t over yet. Check out this extended cut and see what else happens:

What’s going on there in deep left? Jesse Winkler of the Reds is fielding the ball very near another Dodger Stadium security guard. This one did not appear to have ninja training and had a little bit more trouble staying clear of the action.

“I got it! You take it!” The ball was definitely finding everyone, yet somehow it missed the second security guard, even though they took the exact path required to get in the way in the most possible way. How they didn’t collide with Winkler is probably a testament to Winkler.

Let’s go back to a replay and listen to Dodgers broadcaster Joe Davis make funny noises, as Orel Hershiser tries a little play-by-play when the security guard makes their big move:

The Dodgers scored a pair in that frame, though they trailed the Reds in the eighth inning.

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